Scheme of Work on Mining

Curriculum for Senior Secondary

Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Meaning and Branches of Mining Wk 2: Importance of Mineral to Man Wk 2: Mineral Markets
Wk 3: Terminology used in Mining Wk 3: Importance of Mineral to National Economy Wk 3: Mineral Cartels
Wk 4: Mineral Occurrences in Nigeria Wk 4: Mining Activities in Nigeria Wk 4: Mine Accounting
Wk 5: History of Mining Wk 5: Structure of the Earth Wk 5: Sources of Finance for Mining Venture
Wk 6: General Geology Wk 6: Relative Abundance of Elements in the Earth's Crust Wk 6: Aspects of Mineral and Mining Act 2007
Wk 7: Structure of the Earth Wk 7: Simplified Geology of Nigeria Wk 7: Mining Titles Acquisition
Wk 8: Rocks and Minerals Wk 8: Economic Mineral Potential of Nigeria Wk 8: Physical and Chemical Properties of Rock-Forming Mineral
Wk 9: Collection and Collation of Geological Data Wk 9: Introduction to Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks
Wk 10: Mine Development Wk 10: Structure in Rocks
Wk 11: Mining Operations Wk 11: Minerals; Rocks and Weathering
Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Prospecting Wk 2: Mineral Processing Wk 2: Interpretation of Topographic and Geologic Maps
Wk 3: Exploration Wk 3: Metal Extraction From Ores Wk 3: Mineral Processing and Mill Design
Wk 4: Feasibility Study Wk 4: Classification of Mining Methods Wk 4: Metal Extraction
Wk 5: Classification of Mining Methods Wk 5: Surface Mining Method Wk 5: Open-Pit Mining
Wk 6: Comparison of Surface Mining and Underground Mining Wk 6: Underground Mining Method Wk 6: Open-Cast Mining
Wk 7: Role of Mineral Processing Wk 7: Sea-Floor Mining Wk 7: Underground Mining
Wk 8: Mineral Processing Terminology Wk 8: Moon Mining Wk 8: Materials Handling Equipment
Wk 9: Mining and its Consequences Wk 9: Quarrying
Wk 10: Major Economic Mineral Wk 10: Crushing and Grinding
Wk 11: Properties of Minerals Employed in Mineral Processing
Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Gemology and Lapidary Wk 2: Main Operations in Mineral Processing Wk 2: Mineral Concentration
Wk 3: Properties of Gemstones Wk 3: Products of MIneral Processing Wk 3: Extractive Metallurgy
Wk 4: Trading in Gemstones Wk 4: Dewatering and Tailing Disposal Wk 4: Types of Gemstones
Wk 5: Importance of Health, Safety and Environment Wk 5: Auxiliary Operations Wk 5: Identification of Gemstones
Wk 6: Equipment Used in Mining Wk 6: Types of Gemstones Wk 6: Grading of Gemstones
Wk 7: Safety Precautions/Environmental Protection Wk 7: Identification Of Gemstones Wk 7: Safety and Environment (HSE) in the Mining Industry
Wk 8: Grading Of Gemstones Wk 8: First Aid
Wk 9: Common Diseases Associated with Mining Operations Wk 9: Accident Reporting
Wk 10: Problems of the Disposal of Tailings Wk 10: Environmental Control