Scheme of Work on Welding & Fabrication

Curriculum for Senior Secondary

Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Equipment Set-up (fabrication) Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Introduction to Fabrication and Welding Practice Wk 2: Equipment set-up (welding) Wk 2: Accidents and prevention in the workshop
Wk 3: Safety facilities and proctective wears Wk 3: Safety facilities and protective wears Wk 3: Environmental pollution
Wk 4: Workshop Layout (Fabrication) Wk 4: Standard Welding Codes and symbols Wk 4: Electrodes and application
Wk 5: Workshop Layout (welding) Wk 5: Accidents and their preventions in workshop (fabrication/ welding) Wk 5: Equipment fault and trouble shooting
Wk 6: Workshop Tools and Equipment (fabrication) Wk 6: Gas (Oxy-acetylene) Welding Equipment Wk 6: Principles of selection of metals
Wk 7: Workshop Tools and Equirement (welding) Wk 7: Arc Welding Equiopment Wk 7: Heat Treatment of Metals
Wk 8: Equipment Set-up (welding) Wk 8: Common Gas preparation (Acteylene)
Wk 9: Equipment Set-up (fabrication) Wk 9: Measuring of Tools
Wk 10: Ferrous and non- Ferrous Materials Wk 10: Marking Tools
Wk 11: Cutting Tools
Wk 12: Properties of metals and their selection
Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Types of joints and applications in welding and fabrication Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Properties of metals Wk 2: Surface preparation (fabrication) Wk 2: Welding Techninques and Application
Wk 3: Sheet Metals Wk 3: Surface preparation Wk 3: Techniques in fabrication
Wk 4: Jobs Holding Devices (fabrication) Wk 4: Marking out Technigues Wk 4: Surface preparation methods
Wk 5: Jobs Holding Devices (welding) Wk 5: Templates (fabrication) Wk 5: Surface Finishing Process
Wk 6: Measuring Instruments, Marking out Tools and Cuttings tools Wk 6: Joint Method (fabrication) Wk 6: Rivets and Screws
Wk 7: Types of Welding Wk 7: Job cutting Techniques Wk 7: Bolts and Nuts
Wk 8: Principles of Welding Wk 8: Rivet and its application
Wk 9: Fabrication process Wk 9: Bolt and Nut
Wk 10: Surface preparations (fabrication and Welding) Wk 10: Forging Process
Wk 11: Pre-fabrication Surface Operation
Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Post-fabrication surface Operation Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Classification of fasteners Wk 2: Pre-welding surface Operation Wk 2: Forging Process
Wk 3: Introduction to forging Wk 3: Post-welding Surface Operation Wk 3: Defects in Welded Surfaces
Wk 4: Forging Tools Wk 4: Welding in awkard envirnoment Wk 4: Welding environment
Wk 5: Preparation of welding Surfaces Wk 5: Welding Dissimiliar metals Wk 5: Welding of dissimilar metals
Wk 6: Preparation of Welding Environment Wk 6: Arc welding of Iron bar Wk 6: Projects
Wk 7: Marking out of Primary shapes on metal Wk 7: Gas Welding of Iron bar Wk 7: Factors for setting a workshop
Wk 8: Cutting and bending of sheet metals into objects Wk 8: fabrication of ferrous metals (sheet)
Wk 9: Soldering of sheet metals Wk 9: fabrication of non-metals
Wk 10: Entrepreneurship
Wk 11: Enterprises