Scheme of Work on Home Management

Curriculum for Senior Secondary

Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Meaning, importance and steps in Home in Home Management Wk 2: Time Management Wk 2: Developing creative problem solving skills and entrepreneurship
Wk 3: Decision making Wk 3: Energy Management Wk 3: Money management
Wk 4: Motivations for Home Management Wk 4: Work Simplification Wk 4: Wealth creation
Wk 5: Family Resources Wk 5: Human and Social Skills Development Wk 5: Capital market investment
Wk 6: Meaning, Types and Functions of the Family Wk 6: Human Rights Wk 6: Pregnancy and child birth
Wk 7: The Family Life Cycle Wk 7: Sexually transmitted infections/ Diseases (STIs/STDs) and HIV/ AIDS Wk 7: Parenting
Wk 8: Family Relationships Wk 8: Courtship and Marriage Wk 8: Child development
Wk 9: Family Crisis Wk 9: Planning a Family Wk 9: Home health care
Wk 10: Family Values
Wk 11: Communication in the Family
Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Conflict Resolution in the Family Wk 2: Scientific Study of Food Nutrients Wk 2: Kitchen plan, hygiene and safety
Wk 3: Food nutrients I Wk 3: Effects of heat on Nutrients Wk 3: kitchen equipment and utensils
Wk 4: Food nutrients II Wk 4: Food Storage and Preservation Wk 4: Food purchasing
Wk 5: Nutritional needs of the Family members Wk 5: Flour and Flour Mixture Wk 5: Table setting and meal service
Wk 6: Meal Planning Wk 6: Laundry Equipment and Tools Wk 6: Entertainment
Wk 7: Cooking Equipment, Utensils and Table Ware Wk 7: Laundry Agents Wk 7: Sewing equipment and tools
Wk 8: Cooking Terms and Techniques/Methods Wk 8: Stains and Stain Removal Wk 8: Sewing processes
Wk 9: Meaning,Types and Functions of Clothing Wk 9: Laundry Processes Wk 9: Renovation and repairs of family clothing and household linen
Wk 10: House-hold Linen Wk 10: Revision Wk 10: Revision
Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Textiles Wk 2: Storage of Clothing and House-hold Linen Wk 2: Utilities in the home
Wk 3: Fabric Construction Wk 3: Interior Decoration Wk 3: Simple home maintenance and repairs
Wk 4: Wardrobe Planning Wk 4: Maintenance and Care of Home Wk 4: Safety measures in the home
Wk 5: Family House Wk 5: Consumer Legislation Wk 5: Sanitation in the home
Wk 6: Choosing Family House Wk 6: Principles of Consumer Education Wk 6: Wise purchasing practices
Wk 7: Setting up a Home Wk 7: Consumer Agents Wk 7: Market and market survey
Wk 8: Importance of Consumer Education Wk 8: Environmental Friendly Cosumption Practices Wk 8: Prevention of wastage
Wk 9: Rights and Responsibilities of the Consumer
Wk 10: Consumer Information