Scheme of Work on Government

Curriculum for Senior Secondary

Wk 1: Defining government: characteristic and functions of government Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Government as a process or Art of Governing Wk 2: Electoral Process: Election Wk 2: Federalism: Origin of Federalism in Nigeria
Wk 3: Governmenmt as an academic field of study Wk 3: Types of Electoral Systems Wk 3: Nature and Structure of Nigerian Federalism
Wk 4: Basic concepts: power Wk 4: Organization of elections Wk 4: Problems of Nigerian Federalism
Wk 5: Authority Wk 5: Electoral commission and electoral officials Wk 5: Minority issues and the Creation of States
Wk 6: Legitimacy Wk 6: Public opinion Wk 6: Inter ethnic rivalry and issue of secession
Wk 7: Sovereignty Wk 7: Mass media Wk 7: Development of Political Parties in Nigeria: Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP) The Nigerian Youth Movement (NYM) National Council of Nigeria and Cameroun/ citizens (NCNC)
Wk 8: Democracy Wk 8: Civil Service Wk 8: Action group(AG) Northern Peoples Congress (NPC) Northern Element Progressive Union (NEPU)
Wk 9: Political culture and political socialization Wk 9: National Party of Nigeria (NPN) Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) Nigerian PeopleS Party (NPP)
Wk 10: Communalism
Wk 11: Feudalism
Wk 12: Capitalism
Wk 13: Socialism
Wk 1: Oligarchy Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: Communism Wk 2: Personel administration in civil service Wk 2: Great Nigeria Peoples Party (GNPP), People Redemtion Party (PRP), Nigerian Advance Party (NAP)
Wk 3: Facism Wk 3: Public corporations: meaning Wk 3: Social Democratic Party (SDP) National republic convention
Wk 4: Totalitarianism Wk 4: Structure and organisation Wk 4: People Democratic Party (PDP), All Aigerian People Party(ANPP), Alliance for Democracy (AD), Action Congress and small political party
Wk 5: Types and characteristic of government: unitary government Wk 5: Control and problems of public corporation Wk 5: Major political crises in Nigeria
Wk 6: Federal government Wk 6: Commercialization , privatization and deregulation of public corporations Wk 6: Military rule in Nigeria
Wk 7: Presidential system of government Wk 7: Local government; local government administration Wk 7: Conflict resolution in Nigeria
Wk 8: Parliamentary or cabinet system of government Wk 8: Structure of local government Wk 8: Peace education
Wk 9: Confederal government
Wk 10: Monarchy
Wk 11: republicanism
Wk 12: constitutions and constitutionalism
Wk 13: the structure and organization of government, (I) executive
Wk 1: (II) legislature Wk 1: Revision Wk 1: Revision
Wk 2: (III) judiciary Wk 2: Local government reforms Wk 2: The inter dependence of nature and globalization
Wk 3: basic principles of government, : Rule of law Wk 3: Pre- colonial administration Wk 3: Nigerian foreign policy
Wk 4: fundamental human right Wk 4: Colonial administration Wk 4: International orgarnization
Wk 5: seperation of powers Wk 5: Nationalism Wk 5: Millinieum Development Goal (MDG)
Wk 6: representative government Wk 6: Constitutional development in Nigeria Wk 6: New Economic Partnership or Economic Development (NEPAD)
Wk 7: political participation Wk 7: The 1999 nigerian constitution Wk 7: E- government
Wk 8: centralization and decentralization Wk 8: Leadership and followership
Wk 9: delegated legislation
Wk 10: citizenship
Wk 11: Political party
Wk 12: Party systems
Wk 13: Pressure group